KDI comprises of consistently increasing number of general members who have registered with KDI. An online form is available to register for any person who agrees with the vision of KDI and would like to support or contribute in some form can be a member.

Our Mission

Deliver projects/ Programs to the unreached communities with sustainable project and programs.

Our Vission

Transformating community into healthier, cleanier, sustain, developed and informed communities.

Our Objectives

Our brand and Values

Our brand reflects who we are, how we work and the values we hold. It brings to life the importance we place on being collaborative, optimistic and transparent, as well as representing our forward-looking, innovative and agile approach.

Our Team

KDI enjoys a strong technical support from international and national engineering, environmental, social and development experts to run our operations. The organization chart below provides an overview of the variety of volunteers and staff KDI has.

Shanni Doris Zakama

CEO & Founder

Dr. Musa Kadagana

Vice President

Maryam Imam Mohammed

General Secretary

Rachael Zakama


Trusted by the biggest brand.

A number of our WATSAN field officers and hygiene promoters, Agriculture and food security promoters – farmer corner, kick and poverty reduction officer’s/livelihood development officers, HIV and AIDS field officers, youth, women and special needs field officers/peace and unity development field officers and vocational training officers have very effective community mobilizers.